Jacob was 6 years old when he came to Dr. Cain with chronic migraines. He would suffer from severe headaches 1-4 times a month that would last whole days at a time and lead to vomiting and exhaustion.  He was unable to function as a normal child. After trying the traditional medical routes and not finding anything to solve the problem some friends recommended chiropractic. Jacob's mother had doubts as to whether chiropractic was safe for Jacob because it was not traditional and she didn't know of anyone with similar experiences and outcomes.  When she brought Jacob to Dr. Cain she felt the office was committed to the whole picture and that Dr. Cain was knowledgeable and understanding. Jacob is now regularly adjusted and rarely has headaches. His family now understands that chiropractic keeps his spine aligned to allow his body to function at its full potential.  His mother is grateful that they decided to try chiropractic instead of putting Jacob through more tests and/or medications that may not have worked and possibly had bad side effects.     


"Happy, healthy mama & baby"
"I feel young and energetic again!"
"Chiropractic care made me realize that at my age I should not be in this much pain. Being almost pain free is worth every moment spent and penny paid!"
"What I love most about chiropractic care is all the TLC I receive and no bad side effects from having to take a bunch of pills that horrible side effects I believe this is the natural way that God meant for us to heal."
"No more headaches!"
"No meds! Helps your physical, mental and spiritual health!"
"I love having a good night's sleep every night."
"With chiropractic care my body functions better and I am healthier."
"Helps with depression and anxiety."
"I love the fact that I am getting my life back, slowly and correctly! I have more energy, can move better and have less pain!"
"I love chiropractic care because it works, it's natural, and I feel better!"